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How to access Twitter in Nigeria without VPN

Following the recent ban of Twitter in Nigeria by her leader through the ministry of information and culture official twitter account on 5th June 2021. Nigerians residing in the country have been finding it difficult tweeting/sharing their opinions on what is happening around their environment on twitter.

Most Twitter users had to download VPN apps from app stores for them to be able to use the social media platform.

Based on Section 19 of United Nations Law, this decision by the federal government that made them ban twitter violates the law by preventing citizens of the country from using Twitter (social media platform) to express/say their honest opinion on how they feel about happenings in their environment.

Some twitter social media activist/celebrities had to use #KeepItOn, #Nigeria, #TwitterBanNigeria to indicate that there are tweeting from Nigeria while using a vpn to access the platform. Of which some popular nigerian influencers living in Nigeria and diaspora condemned this unlawful act by the Nigerian Leader.

I believe if you are reading this post now, you were actually searching for a way to get your freedom of using Twitter again without VPN in Nigeria. In this post on How to Access Twitter in Nigeria without VPN I’ll be guilding you on how to do that.

Why/when was twitter banned in Nigeria?

Twitter was banned in Nigeria on 5th June 2021 after president Mohammed buhari’s tweet was delected on the social media platform by Twitter for violating it’s rules which includes the use of Twitter to threaten citizens living with a part of a country.

Please Note: I am sharing this information with you today on How to access Twitter in Nigeria without VPN, because I believe the internet like wise social media is meant to be accessible to all despite ethnic/religious differences. And no one should be denied the use of it, if the person ain’t guilty of violating it’s rules.

How to access Twitter in Nigeria without VPN

To access Twitter in Nigeria without VPN, all you need to do is to;

  • Open/Launch Twitter App on your mobile phone
  • Click on the Twitter Mobile app “menu icon” at the top left corner.
  • Scroll down and Click on “Settings and Privacy
  • On your account settings and privacy page, Click on “Proxy
  • On your account proxy Settings page, Enable HTTP Proxy by clicking on the check box beside it.
  • Then, Click on “Proxy Host
  • A Proxy Host input box provided for you by twitter will pop up on your phone screen, Copy and Paste “” into the box and Click on Ok
  • Next you will have to add your proxy port, to do this click on “Proxy Port
  • Copy and paste “80” into the pop up input box for proxy port and click Ok.

After following this step, your twitter account proxy Settings page should look like this screenshot below!

How to access Twitter in Nigeria without VPN - picture screenshot of Twitter account proxy settings page after configuration

Then refresh your twitter app. If you followed this step correctly when you click on the search icon, you will realize that the layout will be different from what it was when you were using your VPN to route your location and also without your VPN turned on you can conveniently Access your Twitter account in Nigeria without any restrictions.

Benefits of using the method above to access Twitter

  • You won’t need to always use a Vpn to access twitter in Nigeria.
  • You will be able to use Twitter everyday without restriction in Nigeria

Note: Configuring your Http Proxy on your twitter account through the Twitter app for network request by using the steps above does not apply to the browser traffic, which implies that if you try accessing twitter through your mobile phone browser you will still have to use your VPN. But if you continue using your Twitter app, you will be able to access twitter/be updated on what’s happening on twitter without using VPN.

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How to access Twitter in Nigeria without VPN
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    • Was perfectly working before this post was published on Tobhasty Blog… a situation where by it consistently don’t work for you on your app… please I recommend you use a VPN then change your twitter explore settings so that you can be able to see Nigerian Trends on twitter even while you’re using vpn


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