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2 poems by Tobhasty about Friendship and love.

“2 poems by Tobhasty about Friendship and love”. Poems they say have diverse meaning while passing out an essential information. That is the reason today I chose to impart to you on Tobhasty Blog 2 poems I made about Friendship and love during my Secondary school days.

As a poet or as a poem peruser there is consistently an association between our every day educational experience and the beautiful lines we compose or read individually. Very much like me I could recall making one out of the 2 poems I will share with you today named “Nature Of Love” subsequent to meeting a young lady, and beginning to look all starry eyed at her from the outset sight even without scarcely knowing the slightest bit about her.

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However, then you as a Poem peruser, in the wake of reading that my poem might wind up identifying with how I felt when I previously saw that young lady. Notwithstanding the reality that you were not there when everything occurred and furthermore when I made the poem.

2 poems by Tobhasty about Friendship and love.

Below is the 2 poems I composed about Friendship and love.

  • Friendship A Nocturnal Deceptive
  • The Nature of love

Friendship A Nocturnal Deceptive

Oh! Friendship.
If Truly You Are The Bedrock For Peace creation.
Why Have You Treated People Bad In Their Relationship.
By Bringing Their Early Ruination.

What Type Of Creature Are You?
Sometimes I Wonder If The World Really Needs You.
When You Hurt Those Who Cherish You.
And Care For Those Who Do Not Value You.

Sometimes I Wonder If You Are ill-conceived.
Even When You Used To Be A Sedative.
Sometimes I Wonder Why You Are A Nocturnal Deceptive.
That Will Always Bring Diurnal Hatred.

To Those You Have Brought Desolation, I Wish New Felicity.
To Those You Care For, I Wish Greater Genuity.
To Those You Have Hurt, I Wish No More Sadness.
To Your Deceptive Attitude, I Wish No More Trends.

The Nature of love

2 poems by Tobhasty about Friendship and love - picture snapshot of the 4th stanza of "The Nature of love" poem by Tobhasty

When Love Is Incarnated At First Sight.
We Cannot Help It But To Stick Tight.
Even Though We Are Not Sure Of Our Feelings.
All That Is Required Is Greater Inclination.

At First We Might Be Desperate.
But Out Of Fear We Become Despondent.
Even Though We Cannot Articulate Our Thought.
All That Is Required Is Greater Courage.

We Might Not Have The Where-withal To Love.
But We Still Have The Heart To Love.
Even If We Cannot Dance The Dance Of Our Heart.
All That Is Required Is Greater Perseverance.

When We Love Someone, We Know Someone.
When We Know Someone, We Have Someone.
When We Have Someone, We Keep Someone.
All That Is Required Is Greater Love.


Thanks for reading these 2 poems by Tobhasty about Friendship and love on Tobhasty Blog. In the event that you believe there’s any one, that needs to read it too either as a relief message or inspirational message about love and Friendship. if it’s not too much trouble, share this article with them using the share icons below.

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2 poems by Tobhasty about Friendship and love.
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